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Webinar ReThinking NewSpace by Lambda-X
Le 29 mars 2022

ReThinking NewSpace, connecting up- to downstream with EO innovation


As the NewSpace market is taking off rapidly, there are still many challenges to overcome. How can develop optical system for micro- and nanosatellites? And how can AI enable automated data processing and cost-efficient solutions? Lambda-X will be ReThinking NewSpace during their webinar on EO application challenges together with Verhaert, VITO and Aerospacelab on 29 March.


EO for reliable, detailed and up-to-date information 
Innovating earth observation starts with improving optics in micro- & nanosatellites, data processing through algorithms and embedded AI Particularly earth observation proves to be a versatile tool for reliable, detailed and up-to-date information on services on Earth.

Using satellite data allows you to see the bigger picture, see clear connected patterns and supplement local infrastructure for prediction models. Earth observation opens the doors for future business application in several fields, from agriculture and marine, to urban planning and material management.

4 sessions, 4 earth observation challenges
Although earth observation systems have improved tremendously over the years, the challenges in providing cost-effective data, making micro- and nanosatellite optical systems more effective and integrating AI, are still to be solved. During this webinar we’ll tackle 4 recurring challenges in 4 sessions:

  • 9h30 – Commercializing EO through daily global coverage (Aerospacelab)
  • 10h00 – Optical design challenges for earth observation (Lambda-X)
  • 10h30 – Preserving EO data quality through in orbit calibration (VITO)
  • 11h00 – The critical role of AI in earth observation (Verhaert)

Discover new insights on sustaining successful EO-based products and services in this era of big data and IoT during the ReThinking NewSpace webinar. For more information about the sessions, please visit the event page.

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