Nuclear medicine is a well-established market in oncology. IBA and Elysia are two Walloon companies that are very active in this field. IBA has long-standing experience in providing comprehensive solutions for radiopharmaceutical distribution centres. These solutions include production plant from various partners, of which Elysia is one.

Besides high quality production equipment, the two companies have built up in-depth experience in setting up radiopharmaceutical production centres that meet GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards and those set by hospital nuclear medicine labs.

Today, PET (position emissions tomography) is a branch of nuclear medicine that also has applications in neurology and cardiology. Nuclear cardiology uses non-invasive MPI (myocardial perfusion imaging) examination techniques to assess the heart’s pumping ability and to detect the presence of ischaemia or lesions. The high quality imagery provided by PET scanners can allow more accurate diagnosis. That can help to determine the best treatment in turn.

To make this technology more accessible in hospitals, IBA, Elysia, and the universities of Liège and Louvain-la-Neuve have decided to pool their resources and technological expertise to work on the next generation of radio-isotope production solutions for cardiac applications. This collaboration will make a major contribution to the growth of cardiac PET worldwide in the years to come.


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