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USINE 2.0 IsoCoop

Strong growth has led IsoHemp – a company run by Olivier Beghin and Jean-Baptiste de Mahieu – to enlarge its facilities, which will now be deployed over a two-hectare site. A new production plant will be commissioned in early 2020. It will be one of the most innovative in the ecodesign building sector. The new production facility will be a brilliant example of Industry 4.0, with sensors, ERP, and robots that will enable IsoHemp to increase its production capacity fivefold.

Digitising the plant will likewise give a boost to the ecodesign rationale that subtends IsoHemp’s production. The company, which gets natural products (hemp, lime, and water) from local suppliers, produces no waste, recovers rainwater from its roofs, and recycles all its surplus materials.

“These investments are guided by our concern to continue to offer a broad range of sustainable quality products and to open up the construction market to hemp even more,” its founders explain. “With this new production plant, we will be ready to meet the increasingly strict requirements imposed on the construction sector.”


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