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Call in progress

The MecaTech Cluster launches its 28th call for projects.


Have an idea for a project to share with us? 

You may share your ideas for projects with us as of today.

To do so, simply contact the Competitiveness Cluster’s Operational Unit at in order to make an appointment..

The selection procedure in a nutshell

MecaTech CC’s selection procedure consists of the following three steps:


Letters of intent (an optional but strongly recommended step):

The aim is to give you a first opinion and advice on engineering your project. It does not influence selection.

Preliminary draft:

This document will undergo initial analysis by our international experts. We also urge you to present your project to the Operational Cell and Committee of Experts. A series of recommendations will be sent to you after these bodies meet.

Project form:

This document will be analyzed by our international experts and a date set to present it a second time, this time to the Board of Directors and Committee of Experts. After these presentations, the MecaTech Cluster will select the projects that it will endorse.

Labeling process

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, projects:

Must be innovative

Promoter in the Walloon Region

(the coordinating company must have an operating headquarters in the Walloon Region)

Composition of the 2+2 partnership

(at least 2 companies and 2 research organisations are required)

Presence of an SME with less than 250 employees

Reality of the partnership: an effective partnership implies a distribution of roles taking into account the competences of each partner

No repetition of aid

(the project presented – or a part of it – is not already eligible for aid from the Region.)

Useful documents

Summary of dates for submission of documents

15 March 2019
Letters of intent
15 April 2019
Preliminary drafts
3 June 2019
30 July 2019
Submission to the Government

Summary of meeting dates

19 March 2019
Coaching - Letter of intent
23 April 2019
Presentation of the preliminary draft to the cluster experts
Following this procedure, the MecaTech cluster will present the selected projects to the Walloon Government on
30 June 2019