The MecaTech cluster supports the development of mechanical engineering companies in their innovation and growth policies by setting up and financing research and development, investment and training projects.

To achieve this, the cluster has set up a project team that listens to companies’ needs and has the resources to support them from the idea to the concrete implementation of a project. The cluster also works with scientific partners (universities, research centres and universities) and specialists in business support (Cide-Socran, Picarré, Innovatech, etc.).


Our network

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Through our research partnerships, we offer you the opportunity to access the best material and scientific resources from universities, colleges and research centres. We invite you to take advantage of these means to facilitate and accelerate the realization of your R&D projects. Do not hesitate to let us know your needs; we will put you in touch with the right partners to collaborate on your R&D projects.

Our knowledge of the industrial fabric through our network of industrial members of more than 200 companies and a knowledge of more than 800 companies mapped allows us to inform you the most relevant industrial partners for your development projects.

The cluster organizes three calls for projects that benefit from the financing tools of the Marshall Plan. Besides calls for projects, the cluster also supports companies, whatever the type of project (collective or individual).

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The MecaTech Cluster, engine of innovation in mechanical engineering

Projet WinGTR
Damien Bertrand, Research Project Manager, IBA

“It’s a real advantage to be able to work with the MecaTech Cluster in the different stages of a project: intensively when the project is being started, but also during project follow-up. Moreover, the MecaTech Cluster is helping its industrial partners more and more when a system is ready for market release by enabling them to take part in economic missions abroad and in both local and international B2B ventures that promote the developments made in the Walloon Region and enable this type of technology to be sold efficiently.”

Optigrid project
Frédéric Vassort, CEO, Ampacimon

I think that the MecaTech Cluster has played the part of an energy booster, of a catalyst that has brought together a group of partners that might never have met otherwise. It continues to support us and to keep us on the right
track and has given us the resources we needed to grow more quickly than we could have done if we had had to do the project on our own.””