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The strengths of the MecaTech Cluster

  • Mobilise the ecosystem you need to grow faster and further
  • Offer a proven methodology that guarantees an optimal investment/benefit ratio
  • Give a personalised support to companies in their creative and innovative thinking

Strategic & Technology monitoring


    The MecaTech cluster has created a 3-stage Innovation Connection journey to help you get the most out of your visit to a trade show. The aim is to identify new technological or market opportunities and translate them into an action plan, as well as to develop collaborative projects through intelligent and collective intelligence.

  • Targeted monitoring tool

    The MecaTech Cluster can help you identify technological and market trends so you can make the right strategic decisions for your business.

  • Strategic roadmap

    The MecaTech Cluster identifies the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of promising economic sectors in Wallonia, while drawing up a strategic vision for the next 10-15 years. This approach enables the submission of unifying projects and guides the development of key sectors.

Innovation Management

  • COSI programme - Knowledge and Innovation Community

    The ambition of the COSI programme is to create and maintain a dynamic community based on innovation, the exchange of good practice and the sharing of experience. It aims to help and activate the implementation of innovation centres and also to initiate and generate collaborative innovation projects between the various players.

  • Innovation structuring journey

    The MecaTech cluster offers you support aimed at strengthening your innovation capacity, based on the ISO56002 standard. Using a business game and personalised support, we guide you step-by-step through the development of your own innovation system.

Collective intelligence

  • Tailor-made workshops

    Explore innovation with our tailor-made creativity coaching at the MecaTech Cluster. We offer our members customised workshops designed to stimulate creative thinking, encourage the emergence of innovative ideas and respond specifically to their needs.

  • Ready-to-use toolbox

    A collective intelligence toolbox has been developed by the Mecatech Cluster. It enables you to take the first steps in facilitation and workshop design.

Ready-to-use workshops

  • Business game

    The MecaTech cluster offers a number of business games, designed to stimulate innovation by allowing concepts to be manipulated in a fun, interactive way, accelerating the learning and implementation of new ideas. By providing a safe environment for experimentation and fostering collaboration, the business game facilitates the emergence of innovative solutions. 

  • Facilitation techniques

    Faced with a well-defined problem, the MecaTech Cluster can help you with pre-established, ready-to-use animation and facilitation protocols designed to stimulate creativity with a clear, structured process to follow

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