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The MecaTech Cluster is a Walloon competitiveness cluster active in the engineering sciences.

Our raison d'être? 

To support the economic development of Wallonia's industrial companies through a dynamic ecosystem and innovative projects.

 Our ambition?

To enable Wallonia to succeed in its economic, environmental and social ambitions.

The 3 missions of the MecaTech Cluster

Nos mission schéma

Improving Connections and Synergies

The MecaTech Cluster connects members and future partners to accelerate connections and synergies towards success.

The MecaTech Cluster is committed to being a catalyst for a dynamic and collaborative community. By fostering a culture of open innovation, we aim to transcend the boundaries between members, stimulate the ongoing exchange of innovative ideas and create unprecedented synergies.

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Boosting creativity and innovation

The MecaTech Cluster supports you in your access to innovation, so that you remain at the cutting edge in growth sectors and advanced technologies.

The MecaTech Cluster encourages bold creativity, and helps you boost your ability to anticipate and adopt the latest technological advances, ensuring your leadership in growth sectors. Our mission is to create an ecosystem where innovation is not only encouraged but integrated into every aspect of your company's development.

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Improving performance and competitiveness

The MecaTech Cluster supports you and helps you find ways to improve your performance and competitiveness.

The MecaTech Cluster is committed to being your strategic partner for the continuous improvement of your performance and competitiveness. We work closely with you to identify growth drivers, optimise your processes and strengthen your skills. By also integrating circular economy initiatives, we encourage the adoption of sustainable practices, positioning your business at the forefront of operational efficiency while helping to preserve our environment.