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The MecaTech Cluster's Strategic Technological Axes are the promising technological axes in which Walloon manufacturers and universities/technology research centres are active or application players, i.e. :

  • Advanced materials

    This area covers innovative surface treatments, new materials, surface functionalisation, recycling technologies, etc.

  • Advanced design and manufacturing technologies

    This includes additive manufacturing, machining and micro-machining technologies, laser technologies and photonics, digital simulation and digital twins, AR/VR, etc.

  • Mechatronics and micro-technologies

    This covers automation, robotics, embedded systems, cyber-physics, (power) electronics, micro-technologies, sensors, actuators, etc.

  • Data technologies

    This area covers the entire data chain: Internet of things (IoT), telecommunications, antenna, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and cyber security, etc.