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Labeled projects

List of projects approved by the MecaTech Cluster since the end of 2006:

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Habitat and construction

The RABISEAU project consists of the construction of a 1200 square meter building on a 35-acre site in the north of the Charleroi region (Martinrou Industrial Park, Fleurus). Diarotech, which has been operating for more than 10years the buildings of the Héraclès Business Center in Gilly, started this construction project in 2015 within a suitable industrial …



The ROMISY project is aimed at making 3D microsystems more robust. The growing use of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMs) in classic actuator and sensor markets raises serious concerns regarding the systems’ reliability. The ROMISY project intends to answer these critical questions by designing a CAE (computer-aided engineering) tool that will allow for these reliability issues as …


Health & Wellness

RPI is a project to develop a solution for the real-time monitoring of patient movements applied to proton beam therapy. This project takes advantage of the intelligence and technology of two Walloon products that have proven their technological value to give rise to a new function. More broadly, it benefits from the complementarity of its …