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Labeled projects

List of projects approved by the MecaTech Cluster since the end of 2006:

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Health & Wellness

The E-PATCH project consists in developing an electronic patch to geolocate and detect falls by people who have deteriorated mentally (memory disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cognitive disorders, etc.) This innovative technological tools is an intelligent electronic patch that can detect falls reliably, locate the person wearing it, and communicate remotely and automatically the information that is …


Health & Wellness

The EASYS project is aimed at developing a differential dosing pump for the pharmaceutical industry. This pump must meet the following requirements: great accuracy, able to be cleaned and sterilized in situ, a small number of parts, light-weight, and easy to handle in a sterile environment. To meet these criteria, EASYS has developed two technologies: …



The ECO2ICE project consists in developing and marketing a new dry ice pelletizer. The machine’s main innovations are a reduction in CO2 consumption (a more than 60% reduction to produce the dry ice) and improvements in the dry ice’s quality (more compact, harder, and thus longer lasting). ECO2ICE’s technological and ecological advances also make it …

R&D Formation

Health & Wellness Industry

The ECOLAS project intends to develop ecological laser applications. The aim is to develop innovative, environmentally-friendly applications based on laser diode and fiber laser technologies. These new technologies open the door to new types of lasers (fiber lasers) and new industrial applications (plastic welding, marking, micro-tooling, etc.) thanks to their very-high-quality beams, low cost, and …


Defense and Security

The objective of the ElectroHOB project is to develop a new electronic rocket concept for illuminating ammunition of the mortar type. In descending phase, the rocket must make precise measurements of distance to the ground, in order to be able to trigger the operation of an illuminating pot at a defined height. In order to …