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Labeled projects

List of projects approved by the MecaTech Cluster since the end of 2006:

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Defense and Security

The MT_NanoAppli project consists of optimizing the production capacities of nano-powders, developed in Nano-Tech and of releasing industrial applications. The use of nano powders in Belgian defense products, should lead to innovative explosive and propulsion characteristics. These nano powders will be used in existing production processes. In order to ensure the consistency of their characteristics …



NANOCOMPO is a project aimed at ensuring the vertical integration of carbon nanotubes to boost the development of derivative final products and develop new generations of products that take advantage of all nanoparticles and Wallonia’s nanotechnology expertise. The project fostered the pooling of Walloon expertise in nanotechnologies as the industry kicked off. The first industrial …


Habitat and construction Mobility and transport Energy and environment

The aim of the NANOSOL project is to develop sol-gel dispersion and functionalization technology by means of industrially applicable nanomaterials. Lighting systems that provide 50% more light for the same energy consumption, glass tables that will not scratch, new buildings that include metal claddings that are not only more resistant to mechanical attack but also …

R&D Invest


The NANOTECH project is about creating a single platform in Europe in the area of nanopowder synthesis. The project’s aims are as follows: To boost the use of nanopowders in Wallonia. To produce and sell consistent nanopowders by means of the atmospheric plasma process. To build and sell nanopowder production lines (carbide, oxide, and pure …


Health & Wellness

NEOCERAM is a 2 million-euro, five-year investment program (from the start of 2010 to the end of 2014). This project is the continuation of a first 1,400,000-euro investment program that MecaTech CC selected in its third. In parallel with the investment program, NEOCERAM is continuing to develop its new generation of overmolded and/or differential dosing …