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UCL – CEnter for Supply Chain Management (CESCM)

TVA 419.052.272
Acteur R&D

Monsieur Jourquin Bart


The CEnter for Supply Chain Management (CESCM) was established on September 1st, 2004, by joining active researchers from Louvain School of Management devoted to research, development and advanced teaching in all areas of supply chain management (SCM).

The definition of SCM is interpreted broadly to cover all aspects of production, logistics and the supplier relations. It combines operations management, management science and industrial organization in a systematic attempt to understand, model and support the multi-level organizational behavior.

CESCM research is in particular oriented towards:
•empirical analysis, the economic and systemic modeling of inter-organizational relations
•the study and development of methodologies and techniques for the decision support systems at all hierarchical levels of the chain
•the study, modeling and optimization of systems of decentralized or distributed coordination.