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Global Care Assistance and Automation Robots Market, Forecast to 2021

The global care assistance and automation robots market is expected to achieve rapid adoption with a CAGR of 36% through 2021. As doctors and care providers pay more attention to patients, leaving daily tasks for the efficient handling of robotic systems, patients will receive improved quality of care and reduced hospital readmission, the prime reason for successive adoption of care robots in the healthcare industry. Human-robot collaborations are expected to achieve breakthrough revolution in hospital and home-care settings. From carrying daily products such as medical waste, linen, lab reports, and meals to dispensing medicines and IV supplies, robots have the capability to significantly automate and impact hospital workflows, thereby improving productivity and, ultimately, quality of care.

This study includes a detailed description of care assistance and automation robots and their sub-segments: daily care and transportation, telepresence and rehabilitative, pharma automation, and exoskeleton robots. The research also consists of detailed analysis of the current estimated market (2016) and market forecasts (2017–2021) of care assistance and automation robots and the sub-segments, description of various types of companies in this market, the future potential growth scenarios, and price points of each sub-segment. The study wraps up with key conclusions and a brief snapshot of strategies for succeeding while building a robots-for-hospital business model.

Key objectives address the following questions:

• What are the current use cases of care assistance and automation robots within the healthcare sector?
• What barriers and challenges are care robots currently facing towards adoption? What are the market drivers?
• What are the current use cases for robots from various sub-segments of the care assistance and automation market?
• What will be the care assistance and automation robots market scene in the next five years? What are the market estimations and projections?
• Who are the current participants in the market ecosystem with solutions for varying applications within the healthcare industry?