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IPCEI EuBatIn: Vienna Networking Days
Du 27 septembre 2023 au 29 septembre 2023

The German coordination team for IPCEI EuBatIn and the Austrian IPCEI EuBatIn team are happy to invite you to the EuBatIn Vienna Networking Days.

The event has three main objectives:

  1. enhancing collaboration between Direct Partners
  2. facilitating the entry of Associated Partners into the ecosystem
  3. creating tangible benefits for Direct Partners.

To this end, prospective Associated Partners will be invited to introduce themselves to the EuBatIn community and participate in matchmaking activities with Direct Partners.

The event will span across three days, each day having a different emphasis and addressing different stakeholder:

Day 1 (27.9. | 12:30-17:00):

  • Representatives of member states involved in the EuBatIn report on alternative national funding instruments for IPCEI projects (guiding question will be send out at a later stage),
  • Information for member state representatives new to EuBatIn,
  • Evening Programme: Dinner & Networking (only member states representatives)

Day 2 (28.9.):

  • Information EU developments,
  • Matchmaking between Direct Partners,
  • Teaser presentations by Direct Partners (e.g. spillover, collaboration, etc.)
  • Batteries Live-Talk
  • Evening Programme: Dinner & Networking (member states representatives, Direct Partners, Associated Partners)

Day 3 (29.9.):

  • Information on the IPCEI EuBatIn and the Associated Partner Status
  • Presentation and introduction by Associated Partners
  • Matchmaking between Direct Partners and aspirants for Associated Partners


Contacts: Charles Plaigin – | Cédric Morana –