IoT4industry final digital event @ MTC Digitalising manufacturing
Le 6 octobre 2020

Session 1 (15.15-15.55 CEST) “Award Ceremony”

Session 2 (17.30-18.30 CEST) “Talk with IoT Solutions project leaders, and new Funding opportunities”


The IoT4Industry consortium is happy to invite you to the IoT4Industry Final Event (6th October 15.15-15.55 CEST). This digital event will be held during the “Digitalising Manufacturing Conference”, organized by the Manufacturing Technology Centre. The MTC conference is a 2-day event (free, and online) featuring workshops, networking, panel discussions, and study cases on manufacturing.

These 2 years have been fruitful and inspiring for the IoT4Industry consortium!

We allocated 3.7 million Euros to 40 great projects!

On the 6th of October, IoT4industry will organize 2 special sessions:

  • The first session, ”IOT4INDUSTRY AWARD CEREMONY” (15.15-14.55 CEST) will present the project’s global results, give an award to the 3 best IoT4Industry projects funded, and present three examples of IoT solutions applied to manufacturing (Digital Experience)!
  • The second round ”IOT SOLUTIONS AND NEW EU FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: A TALK WITH” will air at the end of the afternoon (17.30 PM CEST) where EU experts will give an overview of future EU funding opportunities, and other IoT4Industry funded projects will present their Industrial IoT solutions.


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