EEN Vanguard matchmaking May 15-17 2018 in Skåne | Sweden
Du 15 mai 2018 au 17 mai 2018

Watify is an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe’s industry. Watify is organizing a matchmaking event on nanotechnology in Lund in cooperation with the Vanguard Initiative and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

The Vanguard Initiative is an association of more than 30 EU-regions joining efforts to speed up European Industry Modernization. It is driven by a political commitment made by regions to use their smart specialisation strategy to boost new growth through bottom-up entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal in European priority areas.

Enterprise Europe Network is an international network of close to 600 partners from over 60 countries with more than 3,000 local experts ready to help you find the right partners and grow your business through innovation.

Sector Group Nano and Micro Technology

A Sector Group (SG) is a group of Network partners who work together to meet the needs of clients operating in a particular sector. They are chaired by a Network partner and offer a framework to discuss, plan and implement collaborative activities.

The growing impact of nano and microtechnologies in every sector of industry is visible. We now can find micro & nanotechnologies in medical tools, in cars, in household and office appliances, in computers and IT hardwares, in measuring instruments, in biotechnology, … and so on. This sector is very demanding in terms of technology development and technology transfer potential is therefore quite high. It is also characterized by many technologically advanced SMEs with generally a stronger than average R&D activity.

Region Skåne in Southern Sweden is a unique place due to its buzzing high tech sector within biotech and communications, universities such as Malmö and Lund Universities, and science parks such as the Ideon and Medicon Village.


The event enables great networking opportunities between providers of next generation technologies and enablers for integration, manufacturing and roll-out, bringing together actors from different parts of the value chain.

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