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Conference Rich Sheridan – A unique opportunity to listen to a leader who successfully reshaped his company around an unexpected concept : JOY
Le 14 mai 2018

Tha author:

  • Rich Sheridan, Front Cover of Fortune 500, Invited speaker to the White House

The story:

  • Disillusion, Failure, Chaos, (burn out) and than rebirth, inspiration. A man on a mission to get his team on JOY therapy.

Key concepts:

  • Modern Anthropology : know how to delight your customer, put his needs at the center of what you do.
  • On the Job hiring. Replace hiring interview (2 hours where you lie to each other) by a on the job experiment where your goal is to make the other win, not yourself.
  • Pairing. Always work in pair to improve the quality of your output and share knowledge extensively and automatically.
  • Planning : visual, simple ( pieces of paper on a board), realistic (don’t squeeze 12h in a workday), trustful ( let people evaluate the time a task needs), flexible.
  • No mind blowing meetings: allocate your time to actually getting things done.
  • Make quick mistakes.
  • High Speed Voice Technology

The results:

  • Joy, a workplace people love.
  • Inspiration : ideas to apply to your own work environment
  • Pump fear out of the room

Practical info:

  • Where:  AGC Europe , Rue Monnet 6 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve
  • When:  Monday May 14th from 5 to 6.30 pm (Opportunity to meeting one on one with Rich before or after (dinner). If interested please contact Dominique Coster)
  • Contact person:  Dominique Coster : – 0492 34 48 35