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R&D Formation


Under LIONEL project, the company Physiol has developed, in conjunction with ULg, and patented a new type of hybrid material for making soft intra-ocular lenses with which the standard manufacturing process is not compatible.

The LIONEL project concerns the development of an innovative process of submicronic precision designed primarily for manufacturing intra-ocular lenses but adaptable to other micro-objects.

These soft intra-ocular lenses, which are distributed in 48 countries, replace the eye’s natural lens and serve as implants for people with cataracts. With an annual output of 200,000 lenses, Physiol is competing with the big names in the pharmaceutical industry.

The result?

This project has led to the development of new materials, a new multifocal optical implant design, and a new micromolding manufacturing process for a new generation of intra-ocular lenses that accounts for 45% of the company’s turnover.


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