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Delhez SA is forging ahead with its investment strategy so as to position itself as THE reference partner in metalworking, in terms of both quality and the variety and complementarity of the technical processes that it proposes. So, close to 13 MEUR has been invested in the business over the past ten years in order to have the best cutting, bending, welding, and milling machines. All operations linked to flat products (mostly 3,000 x 1,500 sheets) are already possible in our 10,000 m² production hall, that is, cutting, surface finishing, milling, bending, and welding. The investment in our 3D tube cutting plant fits perfectly with our investment strategy and is totally in line with the overriding logic to enable La Tôlerie Delhez:

  • to bolster its market competitiveness: Our “sheet” customers already order 3D cutting of tubes. This investment will thus enable us to propose a package of services on one single site; and
  • to broaden its range of customers: There is clearly a place to be seized on the market if the company invests in leading-edge technology to give those little extras that our direct competitors do not yet offer.




Advanced Manufacturing