Since it was founded in 2011, the company has been forging ahead with rapid growth and a forward-looking vision of low-carbon construction.

Right from the start, ISOHEMP has incorporated the concept of eco-design into its raison d'être and the design of its hemp blocks. 

Hemp is a plant with many virtues, including insulating properties that are particularly useful in the construction industry. It offers effective thermal insulation and the ability to regulate humidity quite naturally. These are ecological and sustainable characteristics that Olivier Beghin and Jean-Baptiste de Mahieu have developed through their company ISOHEMP. 

  • Renewable Energy
Success criteria
  • Production or business model transformation
  • Sales revenue inscrease
  • Job creation
  • Long-term innovation
  • International development
  • Disruptive innovation

An extension and an innovative new storage space: two projects supported by the MecaTech Cluster

Guided by the MecaTech cluster throughout the process of developing its investment projects, IsoHemp has brought two major initiatives to fruition, leaving a significant footprint on the future of eco-designed construction.

IsoHemp's growth in 2019 has led to the expansion of its factory onto a two-hectare site. Operational at the beginning of 2020, this high-tech factory, resolutely in industry 4.0, has quintupled production capacity thanks to digitalisation. Local sourcing, zero waste and enhanced eco-design define this stage.

In 2020, IsoHemp is investing in a covered storage area, in anticipation of strong growth in 2022. This R&D-focused project will reduce block drying times, improving quality and speed of delivery. IsoHemp is emerging as a major innovator in low-carbon construction, ready to meet the stringent demands of the market.

These successive investments confirm IsoHemp's commitment to sustainability and quality, opening up new horizons in hemp construction while anticipating future challenges in a visionary way.

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Sustainability is the DNA of our company.

Olivier Beghin, ISOHEMP
Isohemp Olivier B

ISOHEMP in brief :

Turnover (2022): €8 million 

Number of employees: 40

Leading export market: France

N°1 on the world market for hemp blocks

Isohemp Factory 03 1