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Nanotechnology Innovations for Healthcare, Water Treatment, Materials & Coatings Manufacture, Surface Protection and Battery Technologies

This issue of Nanotech TOE covers nanotechnology related innovations for healthcare, water treatment, materials & coatings manufacture, surface protection and battery technologies. Innovations profiled include self-cleaning and protective coating for a wide range of substrates, a protein-based additive that is much lighter and stronger than metal-based ones, a unique fuel additive based on nanoscale cerium oxide, nanotechnology-based controllable and functionalized biosensors, hybrid nanoparticles for anti-reflective coating applications, and nanomaterials that are useful for purification of hazardous waste…. Read More

Innovations in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Blockchain

This edition of ITCC TOE provides a snapshot of the emerging ICT led innovations in machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. This issue focuses on the application of information and communication technologies in alleviating the challenges faced across industry sectors in areas such as brick & mortar retail, e-commerce, data labelling, 5G, photo and video editing, manufacturing, talent and business intelligence, amongst others. … Read more

Global Automotive Aftermarket Outlook, 2018

The global automotive aftermarket revenues will rise during 2018, largely driven by the growth in developing markets, opening up new opportunities for passenger car and light truck parts and service providers, especially in the emerging markets. This research compiles findings from various deliverables published by Frost & Sullivan Mobility Team over the past two years. While the report includes key highlights of the Global Automotive Aftermarket during 2017, it also covers 2018 outlook in North America, Europe, China, India, and Latin America. The research includes analyses of vehicles in operation, vehicle ownership, aftermarket replacement revenues for top part categories, and also information on …   Read more

Analysis of the Global Stationary Lead-acid Battery Market, Forecast to 2022

The stationary lead-acid battery is an important and the most dominating chemistry with revenues in billions of dollars in 2017. Telecom, data center, and UPS applications are driving the demand for efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and long-standing solutions. Lead-acid battery, with all its desirable features, including affordability and availability at any part of the world, makes it the most preferred chemistry globally. This chemistry is predominantly used for backup applications in data center, telecom, and UPS equipment. A consistent demand for these applications predicts global lead-acid battery market to witness a steady growth till 2022. The market is mainly driven by telecom and data center…   Read more

Poland’s New Business Models in Medical Imaging, Forecast to 2021

This research study focuses on the drive to operationalize capital and service costs favoring non-conventional business models (MES and MVS) in Poland over traditional capital-intensive purchasing and service models. The study also features a detailed elaboration on the legacy of public-private partnerships (PPP), framework agreement case studies, market opportunity, market size and penetration analysis coupled with merger and acquisitions and the competitive landscape, in addition to growth opportunities.Frost & Sullivan’s Definition on MES and MVS for Poland market:Managed Equipment Services (MES): This is a bundled solution that includes the purchase of new equipment in addition to basic maintenan…   Read more

Innovations in Neuromodulation, Connected Health, Microneedles, Telemedicine, and Advanced Orthopedic Implants

The latest edition of Medical Device TOE profiles diverse innovations from the advanced medical technology ecosystem. These include a neuromodulation system to manage chronic pain and muscular disorders, a remote patient monitoring system to manage heart conditions, and a compact proton beam therapy that promises more accurate radiation therapy in a cost-effective manner.The Medical Device TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) analyzes and reports on new and emerging technologies and advances in R&D; product development; and regulatory matters related to neurology, ophthalmology, respiratory/anesthesia, wound care and management, surgical tools and instrumentation, drug delivery, orthopedics, endoscop…   Read more

AI Innovations in Future of Manufacturing

Information technology has been largely impacting the manufacturing industry. With the increase in the number of IIoT solutions and real-time data processing, predictive analytics is enabling processing of large volumes of data captured from the connected machines. The current scenario includes involvement of humans in making logical decisions along with low-level machine processors. The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) or cognitive intelligent systems will thus enable machines to self-detect vicissitudes in the manufacturing processes and be in-built with capabilities to respond in real time with limited need for human intervention. Mass customization, complete automation, adoption of intuitive r…   Read more

Innovations in Structural Electronics

Structural electronics (SE) is referred to as a next-gen electronics technology involves printing of functional electronic circuitries across irregular shaped curves and architectures, including the human body. SE replaces bulky load-bearing structures within a circuitry with smart electronic components which can conform to complex shapes, ensuring optimum space utilization. SE offers different and better ways of implementing electronic functionalities into the products. In the short term, a key capability of structural electronics to reduce the weight of a product is set to disrupt the aerospace and automotive sectors. Also, structural electronics offers flexibility of components, enabling space optimiz…   Read more

Innovations in Microwires, Robotics, and 3D Printing of Ceramics and Silicone

This issue of Advanced Manufacturing TOE highlights developments  and advancements in 3D printing of ceramics and silicone, microwires, robot programming, and robot security.

The Advanced Manufacturing TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers global innovations and developments related to manufacturing and industrial automation on a weekly basis. Innovations are focused toward improving product traceability, energy efficiency and reducing environmental footprints, integrating product design and manufacturing aspects for reducing time-to-market. Research focus areas include rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing), lightweighting (multimaterial joining, plastics and metals manufacturing, carbon fiber-based composite manufacturing), smart robotics (agile robots, consumer robots, swarm robotics, cobots), monitoring and control (wireless control networks, human machine interface), and simulation and modeling (design and simulation software).
The Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (AMA) Cluster covers technologies that enable clean, lean and flexible manufacturing and industrial automation. Technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) printing, wireless sensors and networks, information and communication technology, multimaterial joining, composites manufacturing, digital manufacturing, micro- and nano-manufacturing, lasers, advanced software, and printing techniques, are covered as part of this cluster. The technologies covered here impact a wide range of industries, such as the impact semiconductor, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, industrial, healthcare, logistics, and electronics industries.

Keywords:  3D printing, ceramics, silicone, microwires, indium tin oxide, silver salt ink, virtual reality, autonomous robots


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