ACCESSIA PHARMA: a dedicated site for your GMP production

Accessia Pharma has been designed to allow the healthcare actors to maintain in Wallonia their GMP manufacturing. The major issue for small companies is the large investment required to set up a cleanroom, investment which is often not sustainable neither in terms of financial nor in terms of human resources. As a consequence, several companies must select CMO’s for their GMP manufacturing despite that they would like to perform it internally for several reasons, in particular when they want to keep their know-how secret.

Accessia Pharma offers 7 GMP cleanrooms (Grade C and D) which allows healthcare companies to perform their production internally, these cleanrooms are dedicated to a single company which install their manufacturing processes according to their needs. In addition, Accessia Pharma has set up a complete quality system for all steps except the specific ones.

Recently, Accessia Pharma has been inspected by the FAHMP (Belgian authorities) within the registration process of one of its client and has been approved as manufacturing facility meeting the GMP requirements.

If you want to know better Accessia Pharma, do not hesitate to contact them at or at +32 (0)4 346 00 40.

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