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Optimized Radiochemical Applications

Rue de la Salette 15
5600 Neuville

+32 71 61 38 23


Monsieur Tadino Vincent


ORA, established in 2006, is a recognized world player in the supply of fully automated PET radiopharmaceutical synthesizers (radiochemistry modules) for use in the production of sterile injectable PET drug products.

In 2009, using extensive working knowledge and experience gained in PET manufacturing, the NEPTIS® project was launched. The synthesizers are specifically designed and constructed to meet current industry standards and user requirements with its potential future needs also in mind. The robust hardware and advanced software capabilities provide the means to create an unlimited number of individualized radiotracer synthesis applications.

Currently, there are 400 NEPTIS® radiopharmaceutical synthesizers in use worldwide in both academic and commercial environments.

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