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Global Industrial Mobility Market, 2016

The advent of mobile applications is profoundly changing the way factories operate and produce goods all around the world. Though smart devices are predominantly used for consumer applications, their foray into industries is expected to make way for the next giant leap of progress. Industrial mobility allows plant managers and supervisors to get out of their desks and tend to critical needs without wasting their time on analyzing large sets of data.  When utilized to its full potential, industrial mobility can tremendously increase overall plant productivity, responsiveness, employee relations, and customer satisfaction.
Industrial mobility in this research service has been defined as hardware, software, solutions, and technology involved in facilitating access to disparate information and factory data in a handheld portable device connected to various communication networks.
This research service can be useful in understanding the central framework and working architecture of industrial mobility along with potential application areas in factories. In addition, this research service also explores the various facets in the industrial mobility ecosystem to categorize players and popular applications amongst key verticals such as oil and gas, food and beverage, automotive, mining, and chemicals. The research service also carries an in-depth analysis of future opportunities in various process, discrete, and hybrid industries. The business impact of mobility and a strategy to derive the most of it are some of the highlights of this research. This study also discusses the major economic trends and technological drivers and their impact over the demand during the study period. The technology and business trends shaping the future of mobile devices and handhelds in industries have also been discussed in detail in this study. This research service also aims to ascertain the importance and role of mobile apps and smart devices in manufacturing as well as analyze the market forces, challenges, and opportunities in the space.
With groundbreaking innovation in network infrastructure and continuous technological advancements in handheld devices, the factory environment is set to witness a massive transformation.  Key questions answered in this study are:
1.  What are the factors contributing to the rise of industrial mobility?
2.  How are industrial IoT facets expected to influence growth of mobile applications?
3.  How can benefits be maximized by overcoming barriers to mobility implementation?
4.  How is the industrial mobility market distributed across the globe?
5. What are the potential future applications in process, discrete, and hybrid verticals and who are the major players?