Webinar – Ferroelectic and Piezoelectric Polymers For Emerging Applications
Le 3 février 2021
Entreprises, chercheurs, designers, venez découvrir et débattre des nouvelles perspectives offertes par les matériaux polymères ferroélectriques et piézoélectriques ! Matériaux fonctionnels, applications émergentes, capteurs connectés, micro-génération d’énergie et bien sûr Innovation seront les mots d’ordre de ce webinaire à l’initiative du projet BIOHARV !



8h50 – Welcome session

9h-11h – Ferro/Piezoelectric PVDF – Industrial and Academic Developments

Thibault SOULESTIN (Arkéma PiezoTech, France) – Processing and applications of fluorinated electroactive polymers
Barbara STADLOBER (Pyzoflex, Austria) – PVDF-based sensors for industry 4.0
Anaëlle TALBOURDET (Brochier Technologies) – PVDF-based textile for smart applications
Bruno AMEDURI (Institut Charles Gerhardt, France) – Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and VDF copolymers as unique electroactive materials
Lei ZHU (Case Western Reserve University, USA) –High piezoelectricity in PVDF polymers enhanced by oriented amorphous fraction
Jean-Marie RAQUEZ (UMons, Belgium) – Impact of PMMA and quenching on PVDF b-crystallization and related electroactive properties

11h30 – 12h30 Biobased Piezoelectric PLA –BIOHARV INTERREG project

Cédric SAMUEL / Sophie BARRAU (IMT Lille Douai / ULille, France) – MDO-processing of PiezoPLA,structures – properties relationships and large-area prototyping
Birgit STUBBE (Centexbel, Belgium) – PiezoPLA processing into textile tapes / fabrics, prototyping routes and their electromechanical performances
Mohamed RGUITI / Christian COURTOIS (UPHF, France) – Electromechanical performance predictionof PiezoPLA films for harvesting, sensing and transduction
Philippe LECLERE (UMons, Belgium) – On the characterization of piezoelectric properties at the nanoscale of PLA-based thin films and electrospun nanofibers

14h30 – 15h30 Interactive Session – Questions & Answers

16h00 – 17h30 Round Table – Forum on Future Projects animated by EuraMaterials and Catalisti


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