Le 13 juin 2023

Lambda-X organizes ‘ReThinking SpaceTech’ webinar together with CNES, 3D PLUS & Deltatec

How do you overcome challenges like high development costs to unlock the full potential of space innovation? Discover the latest technologies enabling breakthroughs in optics, electronics and design in ‘ReThinking SpaceTech’ webinar on June 13th.  4 sessions, you’ll learn from industry experts at CNES, 3D Plus, Deltatec and Lambda-X on innovative insights and how technology evolution is driving innovation

How can you unlock your full space exploration potential?

The potential benefits of space exploration are immense for both the space industry and commercial applications. From Climate and environmental protection to space tourism, there’s no shortage of future opportunities for those who are willing to take the leap. However, the high costs associated with space innovation make it a challenging industry to succeed in. During this webinar, you’ll gain insights from industry experts at CNES, 3D Plus, Deltatec and Lambda-X and gain knowledge on how companies can find new and innovative ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What can you expect?

The possibilities for space exploration are truly awe-inspiring, Serena Bolis, Chief Technical Officer at Lambda-X will share its vision for the exploration of Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon, such as the JUICE mission launched by ESA. Serena will focus on the challenges in developing cutting-edge optical solutions to enable space innovation in the near future.

NewSpace needs disruptive solutions. Small satellites and NewSpace demand lower-cost electronics and higher processing capacity. Julien Nuttin, Head of Hardware and Eric Callut, Senior Project Manager at Deltatec, will present hybrid electronics and compare it to classical and NewSpace hardware, showcasing how earth and sun observation satellites’ camera electronics benefit from high-performance computing components like FPGA, enhancing reliability and cutting costs.

Next, Julien Bézine, Space Cameras Product Manager at 3D PLUS, will highlight how new miniaturized camera heads will improve space exploration and how to focus on reducing the constraints faced during the development process.

Last but not least, Valerian Lalucaa, Detection Chain Specialist at CNES, will inspire you with the numerous CNES missions in the past and an outlook of the future which captures HD-color images providing exclusive geographic data.

Join us on June 13th from 3 PM to 4:45 PM CEST and take a deeper look into innovation and disruptive technologies which will change the future of space exploration.

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