AI REGIO Final Event
Le 27 septembre 2023

The AI REGIO project organises its Final Event at the BluePoint in Brussels on the 27th of September 2023. This hybrid event will be back-to-back with the Manufacturing Partnership Event of EFFRA on 26th of September.

Within this full day interactive event it is our pleasure to present you results and efforts of the project and in particular AI and Manufacturing solutions of involved SMEs and Digital Innovation Hubs. The main program contains: three main 90’ participative sessions that will showcase the results of the project in terms of Digital Innovation Hubs, Didactic Factories Networks and Regional Ecosystems; AI-based Data Platforms for Manufacturing, SME-driven experiments for Manufacturing Industry. These sessions will be organised in three slots:

In the first slots, the main outcomes of the AI REGIO project will be illustrated; in the second slot, an external expert will ask the audience for some voting, questions and animate discussion; in the third final slot a panel discussion will be moderated by key AI REGIO experts with the participation of industrial cases and success stories.

In addition to these three sessions, there will be an exhibition area to showcase innovative solutions and services of involved experiments as well as a guided exhibition tour for interested attendees.