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Success stories

4 members of the MecaTech cluster awarded at the 2018 Walloon Export Grand Prix

AMPACIMON – ‘Grande Exportation’ Springboard Prize

This prize is awarded to a company whose average export turnover over the last three financial years has not yet reached 70% and which has particularly distinguished itself by its performance “in large exports”, i.e. outside the European Union.

Created in 2010, Ampacimon has developed innovative systems to equip electrical networks worldwide with Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology.  Dynamic Line Rating” is a technology that is fully integrated into intelligent network management (Smart grid).



This award recognises a company that is particularly deserving of export performance in the European Union.

Thales Alenia Space in Belgium is the Belgian leader in space electronics applications for satellites and launchers, a world leader in satellite power conditioning and distribution, a major player in European launcher electronics and will be the only company in Europe to automatically produce solar panels for satellites.


EURESYS – Export Price ‘Grande Exportation’ (Great Export)

This trophy distinguishes a particularly deserving company for its export performance outside the European Union.

Euresys is an SME located in the Sart Tilman Science Park in Liège. Since 1989, Euresys has been developing electronic image acquisition boards and image processing software for the machine vision market.

Euresys products are exported worldwide from the parent company and subsidiaries in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai and California. The main applications are in quality control, mainly in electronics and semiconductors.


LASEA – Wallonia Export Grand Prix

Specialized in the manufacture of extremely precise laser micromachining machines (up to 0.2µm, or 250 times less than the diameter of a hair), Lasea is based in Liège, it is also present in Bordeaux since 2012 and has more recently opened two subsidiaries in the USA (2016) and Switzerland (2017).

With 250 machines installed on 4 continents and in 27 countries, it makes its innovative technologies available to the pharmaceutical, medical, electronics and watchmaking industries. Its clients include several TOP 5 companies in the Swiss watch industry.

LASEA also exports its machines to Australia for the manufacture of cochlear implants, to the USA for intraocular implants (IOLs) and to Switzerland for the manufacture of watches (decoration and movement parts).  LASEA exports represent 95% of its turnover with 88% outside the EU.

The Wallonia Export Grand Prix rewards the company that has significantly improved its performance and position both in the European Union and in major exports.