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The aim of the WIN-GTR project is to develop a less expensive technological solution to make proton beam therapy accessible to the largest possible number of cancer patients.

One of the main components – the compact gantry – is a system for moving the proton beam around the patient. This project, which stems from the synergy between AMOS (a specialist in designing and manufacturing optical, mechanical, and opto-mechanical systems) and IBA (leader in the area of proton beam therapy), is pursuing several objectives: to make a full demonstrator of the compact gantry, design and carry out all of
the factory tests, develop the equipment and methods needed to optimize production, and develop and assess a digital model.

The result?

The project has led to the development of a compact proton beam therapy solution, Proteus, a first unit of which has already been set up on a client site. In future, the Proteus will be one of the IBA Group’s leading products.


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