Call 11



The aim of the SWS project is to integrate a totally electronic explosive train into a weapon.

This integration requires study of the following technological blocks:

  • Secure communication: Today, in the era of the Internet of Things, it is important to be able to communicate with weapons as transparently as possible
  • Electronic activation: The ammunition can be detonated either electromechanically (electronicallycontrolled striking pin with traditional ammunition,
    for example) or electrically (in which case an electrical signal activates the primer cap)
  • Electrical priming: If the heart of the weapon becomes totally electronic, the ammunition must be changed along the same lines to ensure its maximal integration in this development. We are thus working on developing new primer cap compositions
    and structures.
  • Energy recovery: A weapon necessarily releases a huge amount of energy. However, it is not easy to have the right energy at the right time (before the first shot), nor is it easy to convert the energy effectively, given that the energy is released in pulses. Both of these aspects are studied in this project.

A new optimised weapon architecture will thus be developed on the basis of these different technological blocks.


Defense and Security