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Call 1

R&D Formation


The MIRAGE project is built on the development of active surface coatings for better environmental management.

MIRAGE has led to the development of an innovative process using plasma technologies. This process consists in depositing very thin layers of coatings to give surfaces highadded-value functions.
The project has thus led to the development of many different types of application, such as selfcleansing surfaces, optical layers, anti-reflection layers that increase the transparency of glass panes, and even reflective materials to increase the performance of light fixtures.

Studies on surface functionalization have also been carried out with lasers.

The result?

MIRAGE has given rise to a series of innovative products and processes for better environmental management through active (self-cleansing, luminescent, thermal solar, antibacterial, and other) surfaces.


Habitat and construction
Energy and environment


Advanced and Active Materials and Surfaces