Call 10



The aims of the HAVCOAT project are to optimize powerful yet ecological amorphous hydrogenated carbon (a-C:H) surface coatings and to develop tools for producing, characterizing, and validating these surface treatments.

Namur University (UNamur) has developed an a-C:H surface coating specially designed for engine bearings; it reduces wear and the friction coefficients of these parts but can nevertheless undergo a shaping phase. The aim of this project is to optimize both the plasma process and the coating’s performance for use in high-added-value sectors. The automotive industry (racing) has already shown interest in it based on a preliminary assessment of the coatings’
properties. BTD and DSi are now tasked with developing novel test benches for and means of validating the coated bearings, such as radio-tracing techniques for real-time monitoring of wear. That will be done in partnership with ULg, which will mark the surfaces subject to wear. The company JTEKT TORSEN Europe is taking part in the project with a view to adapting the coating to parts in TORSEN differentials so as to enhance current performance levels and reduce operating noise. Finally, the company FN Herstal has shown interest in developing a version of the coating that will improve the mechanical output of the
moving parts of firearms.


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