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DCOUP LASER is a company stemming from a family-owned group. Frédéric Demarche founded the company in November 2010. He bought a first Trumpf laser equipped with a single 3,000 x 1,500 table and was alone to manage the company’s activities. Given the rapid growth of its activities, he decided in 2015 to create a new workshop with a 6 m laser and totally automated loading and unloading. The more-than-750 m² welding hall also houses a welding robot. Then, given customers’ increasingly demanding quality and above all delivery deadline requirements, the director was forced to make new investments in a fibre laser, which was grafted onto the automated warehouse. The fibre laser is a recent technology especially recommended for cutting thin sheets of stainless steel and aluminium. It uses very little energy, is quick, and has much lower costs for maintenance and consumables than the CO2 lasers currently in use.

The company, which currently has some thirty people on its payroll, is continuing to grow thanks to this investment, which is part and parcel of the company’s production automation and optimisation strategy – a major asset of the business.