Smart Manufacturing Week
From June 6th 2023 to June 9th 2023
Smart for Sustainable Manufacturing 

To embrace sustainable challenges, manufacturing companies require operational and strategic business capabilities.
The sixth edition of the cross-sector event is built under the sustainability framework and will examine key areas, ranging from high-level business actions to operational workflows, where companies can innovate to improve production processes and reduce their environmental footprint.   

During the four-days programme, companies will discover innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, while minimising costs and increasing their competitiveness.  

The 6 business functions of the sustainability framework will be addressed: 

  • Strategy, governance and compliance
  • Human resources
  • Production of goods or services
  • Purchase and procurement
  • Infrastructure
  • Support functions

A special day will be set aside to discuss key construction industry trends and sustainable solutions to existing challenges.

📣 Specific matchmaking sessions will be organised to meet with technical experts and to visit the dedicated exhibition hall of smart and sustainable technology providers.