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The MecaTech Cluster, a driver of innovation in mechanical engineering

The MecaTech Cluster, a driver of innovation in mechanical engineering


With close to 230 industrial and academic entities involved in joint mechanical engineering projects, the MecaTech cluster is generating unprecedented dynamism

The MecaTech Cluster, a competitiveness cluster in mechanical engineering

A competitiveness cluster unites enterprises and research and training units around an economically promising field.
The aim:  to increase these enterprises’ innovation, production, and service capacities so as to raise their profiles on the European and world market.

Mechanical engineering encompasses a set of technology firms:

  • component and subunit manufacturers;
  • full-line suppliers/integrators of “functional systems: ” industrial machines or processes and consumer products.

Mechanical engineering:  a transverse field
Almost all fields of activity are concerned:  from consumer products (cars, household appliances, etc.), to health, with machines and industrial processes in between. 

From hybridized technology in the field of mechanical engineering…

The machines and processes of mechanical engineering and their components incorporate an increasingly varied range of scientific fields and cutting-edge technology.  These growing interactions are leading to the “hybridization of mechanical engineering," which in turn allows for truly groundbreaking innovations.

…to the need to network

The hybridization of technology makes networking a must for the various players in mechanical engineering.  Universities and research centers are key players in these networks.
The clusters’ objective:  fostering and facilitating such networking.

Strategic orientations

MecaTech Cluster projects revolve around four strategic orientations:
•    materials and surfaces of the future,
•    comprehensive forming technologies,
•    microtechnologies and mechatronics, and
•    intelligent maintenance.


Le pôle

Context :

The MecaTech Cluster got the Walloon Government’s stamp of approval in 2006.  Its creation ties in with the  Marshall Plan,  a program designed to boost Wallonia’s economic recovery.

The hybridization of technology in video

Jacques Germay, General Manager of the MecaTech Cluster, on the growing importance of the hybridisation of technology and competitiveness clusters.