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Becoming a member of MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster

Becoming a member of MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster


Joining the MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster:  the advantages

According to the companies and research and training institutes queried, belonging to a competitiveness cluster offers the following advantages:

  1. Improved corporate/institutional visibility
  2. Useful relays for developing one’s business (improved sales, purchases, and/or services; new opportunities; etc.)
  3. Faster development in Wallonia and abroad 
  4. Access to technology, skills, and knowledge
  5. Exchanges of experience and privileged relations with other sectors
  6. Easier access to training for executives, middle management, and workers
  7. Faster, better access to public and private funding of projects
  8. Help with project engineering
  9. Opportunity to participate in the region’s development

Who may join the MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster?

Membership in MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster is open to private and public legal persons with business or operating headquarters in Wallonia that are engaged in the research, development, and/or application of technological products and processes in the mechanical engineering sector.

Legal and physical persons, be they private or public, that support through their work the development of the mechanical engineering sector in Wallonia, are also eligible.  Examples are:

  • the sector’s federations and associations;
  • consultancies, engineering offices, consultants, and experts;
  • service companies; and
  • the business networks, competitiveness clusters, and other groups working in the mechanical engineering sector.

MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster membership fees

Membership in MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster is subject to the payment of annual dues


Large companies and SMEs in the mechanical engineering sector will pay annual dues based on their total number of employees in Wallonia: .


  Number of staff Dues
  up to 20: €250
  21-100: €500
  101-250: €750
  251-500: €1,500
  501-1000: €3,000
  1001 and up: €5,000

Research and training entities

University groupings (académies), universities, hautes écoles, and research and training centers pay an annual set amount.

Other bodies:

The other entities eligible for membership pay dues of €2000 per member.


Become a member

MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster membership procedures:

To join MecaTech Competitiveness Cluster, you need only send the membership request form duly filled in,

  • to the following address by mail:
    • Pôle MecaTech,
      Route de Hannut 40
      5004 Bouge
  • to the following address by e-mail:

Member status is contingent on payment of the dues.